Blomberg logistics centre

10 years high-bay warehouse

Smooth logistics have for many years been one of the basic demands customers make of a system provider such as SynFlex. Expressions such as just-in-time and 24-hour delivery service have now become an indispensable service which many customers no longer wish to do without.

SynFlex, which for many years has provided a 24-hour delivery service for a broad standard portfolio all over Germany and in many other countries, laid the cornerstone in 2007 for further optimisation of logistics processes throughout the SynFlex Group.

Autumn 2007 saw commissioning of the fully automated high-bay warehouse with around 21,000 storage spaces for euro-pallets. Since then, more than 3,000,000 pallets have been stored and retrieved in this facility, with 106,000 trucks being loaded and unloaded. The entire system has an availability of more than 98.5 %.

All storage spaces in our high-bay warehouse are managed by our proAlpha ERP system and can be viewed 24/7 by any of our sales staff worldwide. This ensures that every SynFlex location is constantly informed of where particular items are in stock. This network ensures that customers worldwide can receive their product at any time, speedily and reliably.

In addition to networking of our logistics centres in Europe and Asia, the fully automated high-bay warehouse allows goods to be packed, picked and labelled according to customer specifications. Regardless of whether our labels, specific customer barcode labels or goods labels are involved, coordinated logistics and integrated processes mean that practically any customer requirement can be reproduced by the logistics department.

Only through this high level of integration and close interlinking of processes between logistics and distribution it is possible to provide customers with the broad standard portfolio of 25,000 products at any time within 24 hours. This is a service on which many customers rely and to which they have adapted their own logistics accordingly. Processes synchronised between SYNFLEX and customers which enable smooth communication and, at the request of customers, also incorporate personalised kanban systems such as ECOflex. Services which, thanks to the available technical and logistical prerequisites, SynFlex will be able to reliably offer each customer also in future.