Availability of goods in uncertain times


The Corona pandemic has shown how fragile supply chains can be, especially when products are sourced globally. The risk of production stoppages increases and with it the risk of delivery of finished products to the respective customer. We have experienced this with our customers: Due to individual, missing components, an almost completed end product could not be delivered. The consequences can be devastating if, for example, this results in a lack of necessary liquidity.

To prevent these risks, we at SynFlex offer our customers a high level of supply security through our fully automated high-bay warehouse. With over 20,000 storage locations, we have almost all common articles in stock and can deliver them to you quickly. In addition, we can procure goods for you at any time in an emergency from the decentralized warehouses of our subsidiaries.

Your options

  • Definition of so-called customer-specific items with defined safety stocks
  • Minimized risk due to permanently available alternative products
  • High diversity of variants with 50,000 standard and customer-specific items

Your benefits

  • High availability of goods due to largest high-bay warehouse in the industry
  • Protection of your liquidity
  • Stock reduction
  • Reduced expenditures by SynFlex inventory management
  • Risk minimization through decentralized warehouses in Europe, Asia and Turkey

With this structure we try to make your life a little more carefree. In consultation with you, we reduce the risk. Contact us!

Your SynFlex Team