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The new SynFlex UL-system 155-1 table V

Unique variety

Our new electrical insulation system SynFlex 155-1 table V of class F 155 °C is currently unique in the market when it comes to the variety of insulating varnishes and resins. The system has been advanced so that you can now opt for 20 different lines of resins and varnishes with own UL approval that include a total of 78 individual products. In addition, there is also a variety of major components in the field of insulating materials such as various polyester films with UL approval as well as 30 different types of SynTherm® laminates.

On request our laboratory (SynLab®) provides the service to adapt and extend the UL system SynFlex 155-1 table V customer-specifically in accordance with the UL formalities and the DAP program of UL. 

We are happy to advise you!


All highlights at a glance

Fields of materials/

  • Enamelled wires thermal class H and above, round and flat, made of copper and partly aluminium (MW335; MW36)
  • 4 synthetic variants for bobbins and coils and also spacers

EIM Major Components

  • All polyester films with UL listing acc. to QMFZ2 with min. thickness 0.025 mm (25 µm)
  • 30 SynTherm® types of laminates (see system specification)
  • PEN film (Teonex®)
Lead Wires 8 types of lead wires
Minor Components All insulating materials also without UL listing that are not intended for use as electrical barrier acc. to system specification
Tapes 39 types of adhesive tapes partly with UL listing


  • 6 SynFlex sleevings with or without UL listing
    • Uncoated fiber glass, various manufacturers

Tie Cords

  • 11 banding and winding tapes (tie cords), round and flat design
  • 13 types of cable ties of 2 manufacturers
Spacers und Wedges 3 manufacturer products


  • 20 resin and varnish lines with own UL listing in categroy OBOR2 in connection with enamelled wires MW35. Resulting thereof:
    • 78 products (resins and varnishes)
Potting compound 4 manufacturers (7 products)

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