SynFlex China:
From sales office to production location

SynFlex had already been supplying the Asian market for many years from Blomberg in Germany before the office of SynFlex Electric (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd. – the subsidiary in China – opened its doors to customers for the first time in May 2007. Increasingly strong service and the quality demands of Asian customers motivated SynFlex to enter the local market. Right from the outset, Mr Vi Ton Vu was responsible for management at the SynFlex subsidiary. Having gained experience over almost two years in the parent company in Blomberg, Mr Vu knows the winding industry inside out and is also completely familiar with the corporate culture at SynFlex. Following numerous moves necessitated by the strong growth of the Shanghai location, SynFlex China has now set up home in the direct vicinity of Pudong Airport.

For the first time ever, the administration, logistics and production are now under the same roof. Whereas the initial focus was on customers in Asia who had already been supplied from Germany, the target group expanded continually over time. In addition to the Chinese market, the subsidiary is also responsible for the neighbouring countries of Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. To ensure direct contact with the customer and market, SynFlex has its own representatives at work in the different regions of China and many Asian target markets. To reflect this jubilee and to mark the occasion, SynFlex China is giving itself a huge gift: In addition to the manufacture of tape and punched parts made of flexible insulating materials, SynFlex China now also produces multi-layer laminates at the Shanghai location. And nobody doubts that further exciting developments are to follow.

SynFlex Italy:
Bella Figura in a very competitive market

The genesis of the SynFlex subsidiary in Italy is very closely related to Dr Marco Rossi, the local managing director who has been part of this story from the outset. It all began in Monteveglio, near Bologna, in the summer of 1997. SynFlex took up the challenge of the highly competitive Italian market with a sales and logistics location that, although generating a high level of demand, was also characterised by numerous market competitors.

The recipe for success was a rapid reaction capacity, comprehensive services and an innovative product range policy.

SynFlex Italy is also capable of supplying the standard SynFlex product range in Italy at very short notice, which is what customers expect in this age of 24-hour delivery services. Dr Rossi quickly recognised that the Italian customer expects personal attention and technical advice provided locally. Not long after establishing this location, SynFlex had already developed a dense network of field service representatives who were available throughout the country to provide customers with advice and support.

Flexible and comprehensive services were complemented by an innovative product range which was also adapted to reflect distinctive Italian requirements. The broad product range of SynTherm® insulating materials, which is now also manufactured at the location itself, has been particularly successful on this market. Continuous growth led to a move in 2014 to nearby Zola Predosa where the direct vicinity of the Milan/Rome motorway and the Bologna airport make this an even more efficient starting point in terms of logistics.