SynChem – Resins & Varnishes AQUA-THERM BC-380/870-D

AQUA-THERM BC-380/870-D is a white, water-based varnish with low environmental impact.

AQUA-THERM BC-380/870-D has the following features:

  • UL approved
  • very good bond strength
  • very good abrasion resistance
  • very good resistance to moisture and chemicals
  • good flexibility
  • Freon R22 resistant
  • high flash point (over 100 °C)
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AQUA-THERM BC-380/870-D is mainly used for impregnation of:

  • stators
  • rotors
  • transformers
  • hermetic motors
  • electrical devices
  • laminations


  • UL-approved, File OBOR2.E317427 and OBJS2.E317429
  • Thermal class 180 °C acc. UL 1446
magnet wire Twisted Pairs
 MW35-C  180°C


Delivery forms

AQUA-THERM BC-380/870-D is supplied in 20 kg containers and 200 kg barrels.


Store in a cool dry place (max. 30 °C) away from direct sunlight. Protect from moisture and humidity. Shelf-life is 9 months when stored in closed original container at max. 30 °C. Being a water-thinnable emulsion with a very low co-solvent content, this prouduct suffers from cold and must be stored at temperatures included between 0 and + 30 °C.


Typical curing times:

  • at 170 °C 2-4 h
  • at 150 °C 3-5 h
  • at 135 °C 5-8 h

Curing times after reaching the object temperature.


Use in well ventilated area, avoid contact with skin and eyes and wear protective clothes. For more details see the SDS.


AQUA-THERM BC-380/870-D can be used as supplied or diluted up to 70 % with tap water depending on the final objects. It is recommended to mix the product in the original container before use. It is recommended to mix the product into the tank for some minutes twice a day to avoid sedimentation.

Technical data

Liquid phase
Property Value Test method
Flashpoint >100
Flashpoint > 100 °C
Property Value test method
Thermal class H (180 °C) MW 35-C
Thermal class H (180 °C) MW 35-C
Property Unit of measure Conditions Value Test method
Dielectric strength kV/mm 0.025 mm film thickness 100 ASTM D–115
Dielectric strength kV/mm 0.025 mm film thickness 100 ASTM D–115
Property Value Conditions Test method
Specific density 1040 ± 30 g/l
Bond strength >170
Viscosity 50-70 s