SynChem – Resins & Varnishes Damisol® 3500 LoV 1-component-resin

Damisol® 3500 LoV is a Freon resistant heat curing epoxy resin with low viscosity.

Damisol® 3500 LoV has the following properties:

  • low viscosity
  • Freon resistant
  • very low VOC emission
  • suitable for dipping- and vacuum-impregnating processes
  • excellent long-term heat resistance
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Damisol® 3500 LoV is mainly used for the impregnation of medium and low voltage industrial motors. Due to the very good electrical, mechanical and thermal properties of Damisol® 3500 LoV it is also suitable for traction motors and transformers.


  • Thermal class H (UL 1446)

Delivery forms

Damisol® 3500 LoV is available in:

  • 25 kg cans
  • 200 kg drums
  • 1000 kg container


Damisol® 3500 LoV can be stored 12 months in sealed containers at room temperature (max. 25 °C). Higher temperature can be reached during short period of time. If storing the resin in a supply tank, dry air or "Nitrogen" is recommended.


The curing time is between 5 h at 160 °C and 2 h at 170 °C. The exact curing time depends on different parameters.


Please avoid contact of Damisol® 3500 LoV with skin. Use safety gloves and glasses.

Please refer to the material safety data sheet for complete information.


The most frequent processes are atmospheric dipping as well as VPI.

Technical data

Property Unit of measure Condition  Values  Test method 
Gel time  min  at 130 °C 12±3 gel norm 20g
Glass transition temperature  °C    122 °C IEC 61006
Water absorption  after 24h at 23 °C ≤ 0.3 ISO 62 (method 1)
Bond strength  daN  at 180 °C 8.3 IEC 1033
Property Unit of measure Condition  Values  test method 
Resistance  transformer oil < 0.1 ISO 175
Resistance  chemicals HCI 10 % ≤ 0.14 ISO 175
Liquid phase
Property Unit of measure Condition  Values  test method 
Colour      yellowish  
Flashpoint  °C    ≥100  
Viscosity  mPas  at 25 °C 600 ± 200 Brookfield
VOC acc. 31. BlmSchV    < 2 IEC 60455-3
Property Unit of measure Condition  Values  Test method 
Dielectric strength at 23 °C and 50 % r.h.  kV/mm    159 DIN 46448/VDE 0360
Dielectric strength at 23 °C after 96 h storage at 92 % r.h.  kV/mm    143 DIN 46448/VDE 0360
Dielectric loss factor  at 25 °C tan delta < 1 IEC 60250
Dielectric loss factor  at 105 °C tan delta ≤ 2 IEC 60250
Dielectric loss factor  130 °C tan delta ≤ 5.5 IEC 60250