SynChem – Resins & Varnishes Dolphon® XL-2109 1K Resin

Dolphon® XL-2109 is a 1K resin based on polyester with UV catalysts.

Dolphon® XL-2109 has the following outstanding features:

  • very low weight loss on cure
  • very low odour
  • excellent wetting and penetration properties
  • very good bond strength
  • fast curing cycles
  • medium high viscosity
  • good adhesion
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Dolphon® XL-2109 can be applied in roll-through and automatic machines.

Recommended cycle for roll-through application:

  • Pre-heat the windings to 70-80 °C.
  • Bring rapidly the windings to a temperature of 140 °C to gel the resin by Joule-effect.
  • Cure 30 min. at 150-160 °C by Joule-effect.
  • Complete the cure of the resin on the external part of the unit by UV-rays for 5-10 min.

These are general information. For specific conditions please get in touch with us.


UL approved class H (180 °C).

NEMA - MW-16 Twisted pair 220 °C
NEMA - MW-35 Twisted pair 180 °C
NEMA - MW-28 Tiwsted pair 130 °C




RoHS-compliant 2011/65/EU
REACh-compliant 2006/121/EU

Delivery forms

Dolphon® XL-2109 is delivered in 25 kg disposable containers, 230 kg barrels or 1,200 kg containers.


Dolphon® XL-2109 can be stored for 6 months at room temperature (max. 25 °C).
The casting resin must be stored in a cool place and protected against direct sunlight, UV radiation and sources of heat.


Recommended cure time:
150-160 °C - 30 min. + 30 min. UV-rays
These are general information. For specific condition please contact us.

Technical data

Property Unit of measure Conditions  Values  Test method 
Weight loss  15 g at 100-140°C for 20 min. <3.5 -
Bond strength    ASTM D-2519 HC
Shear strength  MPa    5  
Bond strength  25 °C 170
Bond strength  155 °C 55 ASTM D-2519 HC
Bond strength  80 °C 85 ASTM D-25-19 HC
Property Unit of measure Values  acc. UL1466 
Thermal class    H (180 °C) NEMA-MW-35
Flashpoint  °C  >130  
Liquid phase
Property Unit of measure Bedingungen  Werte  Prüfmethode 
Gel time  min  at 100 °C 12-22  
Specific density  g/l  25 °C 1150 ± 50  
Viscosity  cps  25 °C 1400-1700 Brookfield
Viscosity  25 °C 60-90 Ford Cup 6
Viscosity  25 °C 55-85 DIN Cup 6
Property Unit of measure Conditions  Values  Test method 
Dielectric strength  kV/mm    >120 ASTM D-115
Volume resistivity  Ω x cm  50 % RH at 23 °C 1.4 x 10^14
Spec. resistance  Ω cm  50 % RH at 23 °C 1.2x10^14 ASTM D-257
Dielectric strength  kV/mm  ASTM D-115