SynChem – Resins & Varnishes Synthite EB-43/387-D Polyester enamel varnish

Synthite EB-43/387-D is a black, very quick drying Polyester enamel varnish.

Synthite EB- 43/387-D has the following excellent properties:

  • very fast drying
  • UL-approved
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • oil and moisture resistant
  • hard, smooth, abrasion resistant film
  • good adhesion
  • good electrical properties
  • transformer oil resistance ASTM D 155-55
  • corrosion and humidity resistance
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Typical applications for Synthite EB-43/387-D are:

  • stators
  • printed circuit boards
  • form wound coils
  • resistors
  • transformers
  • bus bars


class H (180°C) UL 1446
UL-file-no. OBOR2.E317427 and OBJS2.E317429

magnet wire Twisted Pairs Helical Coil
MW 24-C 155 °C 155 °C
MW 28-C 130 °C 130 °C
MW 35-C 180 °C 180 °C








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5 kg, 25 kg and spray cans on request.




Store in cool, dry place (max. 30 °C) away from direct sunlight. Proect from moisture and humidity. Shelf-life is 24 months when stored in closed original containers at max. 30 °C.


Air-drying tim (on copper plate):
60 min. - set to touch


Use in well ventilated areas, avoid contact with scin and eyes and wear protective clothes. For more details see the safety data sheet.


For spraying application, Synthite EB-43/387-D must be thinned with 15 % of Dolph's® T-200 thinner.
It is supplied with a viscosity suitable for application by brush.

Technical data

Property Unit of measure Conditions Values Test method
Coating thickness µm 75-100 ASTM D-115-55
Property Unit of measure Conditions Value Test method
Dielectric strength kV/mm dry / 0.025 mm film thickness 80 ASTM D-115
Dielectric strength kV/mm after 24 h water disposal / 0.025 mm film thickness 48 ASTM D-115
Creep resistance 600 M DIN IEC 60112
Property Conditions ISO 2812-2 / 168 h Blistering Rusting Cracking Test method
Resistance Water no no no ISO 4628/2-3-4
Resistance 10 % sulphuric acid no no no ISO 4628/2-3-4
Resistance 1 % Sodium hydroxide no no no ISO 4628/2-3-4
Resistance Salt water no no no ISO 4628/2-3-4
Liquid phase
Property Unit of measure Conditions Values Test method
Specific density g/l 25 °C 1070 - 1130
Viscosity s 25 °C 60-80 Ford Cup 4
Viscosity s 25 °C 75-110 ISO Cup 5