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Voltatex ® 4020 1-component resin

Voltatex® 4020 is a styrene based, thermosetting, ready-to-use, blue-grey pigmented one pack ready-to-use imprgnating resin with high capillary activity, based on unsaturated polyesterimide resins.

  • single component
  • coverage of rust
  • improved protection against climate influences
  • high efficiency due to favourable curing conditions
  • excellent impregnating result at low material consumption

The cured resin compound is characterized by:

  • good resistance against solvent gases 
  • thermal long therm stress

Suitable for:

  • Insulation systems of thermal class 200 (N)

Impregnating of:

  • transformers
  • stabilisers
  • UL-File-Nr.: E 101752 (M) Underwriters Laboritories Inc., USA
  • Isolation-system temperature of thermal class 200 (N) acc. to IEC 60085:2007
  • Temperature index in acc. with IEC 60455-3-5, Type 200
  • Testing Method in acc. with IEC 60216
  • 2003/11/EU (polybromited diphenylether)
  • RoHS-compliant 2011/65/EU
  • REACh-compliant 2006/121/EU
  • Temperature class acc. to UL 1446:
Twisted Pair ASTM D2307 MW 30:200
    MW 35:200
Helical Coil ASTM D2519 MW 35:200

Insulation-system acc. to UL 1446 (IEC 61858):

Class 130 C190HE
Class 155 C290HE
Class 180 R342HE
Delivery forms

Voltatex® 4020 is delivered in 20 kg one-way-cans.


The resin can be stored for up to 4 months at max. 25 °C if sealed correctly in original containers. Opened containers have to be resealed and protected against direct daylight!


In order to minimize evaporation of reactive components while curing the impregnated objects should be heated up to the curing temperature in the shortest possible time. The air flow in curung oven should be kept to the minimum permitted by safety considertions.

Curing times: at 150 °C: 2-3 h


Voltatex® 4020 is biologically inactive and safe to health. Implement normal protective measures when processing the liquid dip resin: See the Material safety data sheet (MSDS).


Once cured Voltatex® 4020 is almost insoluble. Threfore, application equipment should be cleaned regularly with cleaner
Voltatex® T050. All equipment cleaning and maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the equipment manufacuter's instructions.


The impregnating Resin can be applied by using:

  • all kind of conventional dip & bake equipment
  • continuous and vacuum dip processes
  • VPI process

Unlimited tank stability can be achieved as long as Voltatex® 4020 is kept below 25 °C and at least 10 % of the tank content is used and replaced with fresh resin per month. Cooling of the resin is needed provided the ambient temperature is exceeding the recommended maximum temperature. In order to avoid sedimentation of pigments Voltatex® 4020 need to be stirred up in the delivered packaging prior to filling into the tank. Additionally, to keep the material homogneously while processing, a continouos or repetitive stirring schedule has to be set up. It is highly recommended to install a motor-powered stirring unit in the storage tank. For optimum process viscosity it is possible to add Voltatex® T031.

Technical data
Bond strength of twisted coils  Bond strength of twisted coils 130 °C  Bond strength of twisted coils 155 °C  Bond strength of twisted coils 180 °C  Shore-D-hardness 
Unit of measure Conditions  Values  Test Method 
room temperature 180 ± 30 IEC 60455-2, test method A acc. IEC 61033
  35 ± 10 IEC 60455-2, test method A acc. IEC 61033
  35 ± 10 IEC 60455-2, test method A acc. IEC 61033
  30 ± 10 IEC 60455-2, test method A acc. IEC 61033
  room temperature 37 ± 5 IEC 60455-2, test method acc. ISO 868
Temperature index  Testing voltage IEC 60317-8  Testing voltage IEC 60317-13  Bond strength IEC 60317-13 
Unit of measure Bedingungen  Value  Prüfmethode 
°C    200 IEC 60455-3-5 test method acc. IEC 60216
°C  MW 30 210 IEC 60172
°C  MW 35 200 IEC 60172
°C  MW 35 211 IEC 61033, method b, final point 22 N
Water absorption  Impact on enamelled wires  Resistance  Resistance  VOC acc. 31. BLmSchV 
Unit of measure      
after 96h at 23°C 0.35 IEC 60455-2, test method 1 acc. ISO 62
    compatible to common enamelled wires  
  Distilled water, transformer oils, 5% soap-flock-dilution resistant  
  Hexane, methanol, oil resistant  
    app. 11.7 % volume DIN EN 60455-3-5:2006
Liquid phase
Flow time  Reaction process gel time  Reaction process reaction time 
Unit of measure Value  Test Method 
60 ± 15 at 23 °C acc. DIN 53211
min  15.0 ± 4.0 at 100 °C acc. Axalta company standard 0012)
min  31 ± 9.0 at 100 °C acc. Axalta company standard 0012)
Specific volume resistance at 155 °C  Creep resistance  Dielectric constant at 155 °C and 50 Hz  Loss factor  Loss factor cross section 0.2=200x10^-3 
Unit of measure Conditions  Values  Test Method 
Ω*cm    5.0x10^11 acc. IEC 60455-2, test method acc. IEC 60093
  typ. value CTI 600M acc. IEC 60455-2, test method acc. point 6.2 IEC 60112
    4.0 ± 0.5 acc. IEC 60455-2, test method acc. IEC 60250
  120 °C/50 Hz 195x10^-3 IEC 60455-2, test method acc. IEC 60250
°C    120 IEC 60455-2, test method acc. IEC 60250

Voltatex® is a registered trademark of Axalta Coating Systems Llc., Philadelphia PA 19103, USA.