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Metal trade

Fluctuating demand quantities, volatile stock market prices and the need for a reliable basis for calculation are realities that are difficult to reconcile in dealing with metals. With our metal trading we want to offer you as a customer and partner of the SynFlex Group more security, both commercially and organisationally. We therefore offer you the following services for copper and aluminium:

Regular copper market analyses

Current market information

In times of volatile markets, reliable information is essential for secure decision-making.

Our metal trading provides you with current market prices and copper charts. Our regular market analyses give you an insight into the turbulent markets. Our copper experts will be pleased to advise you.

Hedging in metal trading

Hedging of your metal requirements

Copper is traded on the stock exchange and is therefore subject to permanent price fluctuations. In order to give you more planning security, we offer you a reliable basis for calculation through hedging.

Our metal trade agrees a price with you for a certain quantity of copper. You can then retrieve the material flexibly in terms of time and there are no premature liquidity commitments for it. The fixed price allows you to calculate independently of the fluctuating stock exchange prices.

Your metal in the right place at the right time

Physical supply of copper and aluminium

In addition to hedging, we also offer high flexibility in the supply of copper and aluminium. We deliver the ordered material to the desired place at the desired time. Thus you are flexible in purchasing and have a higher organisational security.

Trust us as experts in the metal trade!

Copper and aluminium scrap


We also buy back your copper scrap and take care of the conversion into crude copper. We carry out the processing at fixed conditions and credit the value of the copper content resulting from recycling to your copper account.

In addition to copper, we also convert aluminium scrap.

SynServ Metal trade

Our experts

Born in 1969, Michael Wieland holds a degree in economics and worked from 1995 to 2002 as a metal trader where he dealt with metals including copper, zinc and tin. He has been part of the SynFlex and SHWire metal trading expert team since 2002.

Michael Wieland

Hermann Vauth was born in 1978 in Brakel, Westphalia and, following his qualification as a bank clerk, he studied economics in Paderborn. Since completing his studies in 2006, he has been a member of the SynFlex and SHWire metal trading expert team.

Hermann Vauth

Corona Information, 25.05.2020

Dear Business Partners,

The coronavirus pandemic is the biggest challenge in decades. As a result, we are confronted with a global economic crisis. It is already foreseeable that our lives will change fundamentally in the coming period - both privately and professionally.

The most important questions for all of us are: How do we deal with this uncertainty? How do we cope with our fears and worries? How do we move forward? Our answer is: Return to normality as quickly as possible with the highest possible safety precautions for all of us.

SynFlex has been able to maintain all corporate functions to date and there are currently no reasons why this should change in the foreseeable future. In the coming time we will again sustainably increase our service for you and the communication with you.

Due to increased demand, we are currently investing in further development capacities, testing equipment and additional laboratory facilities. We have also developed tailor-made supply chain solutions for our customers. The coronavirus crisis has shown us all the effects of suddenly disrupted supply chains which is why we can offer our business partners new solutions such as "Inventory Management" and "Safety and Buffer Stocks".

With creative ideas, we will be able to overcome the crisis together and secure our business models for the long term.

Steadfastness. Optimism. Together.

Your SynFlex Team