Male-female punching unit for the Schramberg location

By investing in the new male-female tool punching machine at our production site in Schramberg we are taking the logical next step in our production capabilities. Benefits for our customers can be easily summarized:

  • Even further increased accuracy to meet the increasingly stringent requirements in this field.
  • Even faster punching speeds for higher outputs per hour.
  • Even longer tool service lives for better plannable unit costs.

But what does this manufacturing process actually stand for? Instead of punching mainly against a plate, as was previously the case, we can now offer you the advantages of an interlocking die. Depending on the design the male-female tool actively removes the waste pieces from the punching zone, thus reliably preventing contamination of the product.

With part sizes up to 140 x 140 mm in male-female punching operation and up to 200 x 300 mm for mere punching operations, we cover almost all market requirements with this next stage in manufacturing processes.

Challenge us with even more complex components!