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Monitoring audit 2020 according to IATF 16949 of the automotive industry successfully passed


The standard for QM systems in the automotive industry IATF 16949:2016 defines the sector-specific requirements for series and spare parts production based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

In the course of the annual certification SynFlex has successfully passed the surveillance audit by the certification company DQS.

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Availability of goods in uncertain times


The Corona pandemic has shown how fragile supply chains can be, especially when products are sourced globally. The risk of production stoppages increases and with it the risk of delivery of finished products to the respective customer.

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Highest quality at all levels

That is what the SynFlex Group stands for

Quality in the inquiry phase
For us, quality is the fulfilment of your requirements. In order to jointly develop tailor-made solutions for your needs, we evaluate the feasibility of your request with a focus on risk minimization in interdisciplinary teams.

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Laser system for stamped parts and blanks

SynFlex Schramberg

The laser system at the Schramberg site is a system from a well-known manufacturer that specializes in the realization of a wide variety of laser-based systems. Our all-in-one system is specifically designed for processing roll materials. On this basis, the machine is accordingly used as a laser for cutting and engraving our stampings and blanks.

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We say Thank You!

SynFlex Group

In these difficult times we would like to thank all our colleagues who have supported us under the most difficult conditions in this crisis.

Thank you for your dedication, commitment and stamina.

Thanks also to our customers and suppliers with whom we work and communicate closely, especially to maintain the flow of goods.

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The new SynFlex UL system 155-1 table V

Unique variety

Our new electrical insulation system SynFlex 155-1 table V of class F 155 °C is currently unique in the market when it comes to the variety of insulating varnishes and resins. The system has been advanced so that you can now opt for 20 different lines of resins and varnishes with own UL approval that include a total of 78 individual products. In addition, there is also a variety of major components in the field of insulating materials such as various polyester films with UL approval as well as 30 different types of SynTherm® laminates.

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Il fornitore di sistemi


La competenza chiave di SynFlex è rappresentata dallo sviluppo, dalla produzione e distribuzione di conduttori e isolanti per i sistemi d’isolamento elettrico di motori elettrici, trasformatori e generatori. Grazie alle innovazioni dei processi e dei prodotti, SynFlex è leader di qualità riconosciuto e pone gli standard nell’industria elettrica.

Per poter offrire ai clienti un programma completo di prodotti complementari per la produzione di motori elettrici, trasformatori e generatori, nel 1963 fu fondata la SynFlex Elektro GmbH. SynFlex si è trasformata da semplice commerciante di filo di rame smaltato in produttore e confezionatore di diversi materiali isolanti elettrici.


La nostra offerta



Il segmento d’offerta “Winding” comprende tutti i materiali conduttori per gli avvolgimenti di motori elettrici, trasformatori e generatori.

Categorie di prodotti



Nel segmento di offerta “Insulate”, oltre a materiali isolanti, tubi flessibili e resine d’impregnazione, troverete tutti i prodotti elettroisolanti di cui avete bisogno per il vostro sistema d’isolamento elettrico.

Connect & Equip


Nel segmento “Connect & Equip” trovate cavetti di connessione e componenti per connessioni e fissaggio, oltre a prodotti per la produzione e il collaudo di motori elettrici, generatori e trasformatori.

Categorie di prodotti



Oltre alla gamma di prodotti specifica di SHWire, SynFlex e IsoTek, il gruppo SynFlex offre a tutti i clienti un’ampia serie di servizi completi, dei quali potete usufruire in qualsiasi momento.

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